About us

ISP and its partners provide comprehensive, holistic and integrated security, technology and project management solutions for governments, businesses, and other organizations in a world of rapidly changing threats.
We also have extensive experience in both corporate and military construction projects, infrastructure development, life support services, aircraft overhaul/modernization and supply chain management solution.
To complement the global nature of our clients, ISP has established a successful multinational disciplined practice, as well as an unparalleled network of alliances and partnerships around the world. ISP often provides mission-critical systems, solutions, and services in difficult and demanding theatres of operation such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa, Mexico, Central and South America, and several central Asian countries. ISP has offices in Washington DC, London, Dubai, Kabul, Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, as well as current operations in Germany, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, UAE, and Central and South America